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1. Nancy Farrell (Spring Tour Only)

Nancy graduated with an Honours Fine Art Degree from the University of Guelph in 1993. She has also studied with Peter Kolsnyk, John Leonard and Steve Aimone. She has appeared in over 100 exhibitions, and has work published in ‘Expressive Drawing.” Nancy has always been intrigued with exploring the endless potential of abstract painting with a special interest in landscape. She is not interested in sublime depiction but in memories and intuition of a changing land. For her, process is paramount, with layers of marks and colours reflecting the unknown and unseen.

Tel: 519-823-0836
Studio Tour Location:
University of Waterloo Atrium
125 St. Patrick St. Stratford
Home Studio: Guelph
Also Open: By Appointment

2. Lucinda Jones

Through carving paper or carving wood, Lucinda Jones explores themes of growth renewal and transformation. The woodblocks are hand printed onto paper to make one-of-a kind original prints. After studying studio art at U.W.O. in London and Concordia University in Montreal, she opened a printing studio and gallery in St.Jacobs from 1991 to 1996. Since 2002 her work can be found at her custom framing store, My Custom Framer in Stratford. Lucinda has been experimenting with printmaking processes for over 35 years and has exhibited in public and private galleries.

Tel: 519-272-9954
Location: My Custom Framer & Gallery
42 Albert St. Stratford
Also Open: Tuesday to Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 9:30am to 4pm

3. Shane Norrie

Stratford artist, Shane Norrie is a well-established clay artist and a painter. His paintings echo the signature organic, textural aesthetic of his ceramics. Ever-evolving and experimenting, often his subject matter references local surroundings and familiar landscapes, while moving into the realm of abstraction. His work can often be found in numerous publications such as ‘Canadian House & Home’ magazine, Canada’s ‘Style at Home’ magazine, ‘Marie Claire Maison Italia’ magazine and on various television programs including HGTV’s ‘Income Property’, HGTV’s ‘Disaster DIY’, HGTV’s ‘Pure Design’, ‘CityLine’ and on the set of ‘Canada AM’. Norrie has exhibited extensively, and received much recognition from peers and patrons. His ceramics can be found in the permanent collection of the Sanbao Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, China. His paintings can be found in the Canadian consulate in Nagoya, Japan.

Tel: 519.273.9291
Location: 73 Albert Street, Stratford
Also Open: See gallery website for hours.

4. Tanya Szustaczek

Tanya is a local area photographer who has been taking pictures her whole life. Her photographs have appeared in Canadian Geographic magazine. Tanya began her photographic journey in elementary school where she was introduced to photography. She graduated college with a diploma in photography, and is constantly learning, experimenting and refining her craft. Photographically, she has done it all; studio, weddings, portraits, commercial, etc., but her true passion is to capture nature, animals and the world around her, as she finds it. Tanya is also adamant about producing her work as it was shot with no special effects editing.

Studio Tour Location: Stratford Tourism Alliance
47 Downie Street, Stratford
Also Open: I can be reached via email or through my website.

5. Margarethe Vanderpas

“I draw my inspiration from many sources; the waters and limestone cliffs of the Bruce Peninsula and the shores of Lake Superior and Georgian Bay. I particularly love the north shore of Georgian Bay near Killarney and the rugged coastline of the Bruce Peninsula. I am fascinated by the powerful forces that have shaped the landscape and the effects that time and weather have had upon the earth’s surface.” Each year Margarethe explores new regions on foot and by kayak seeking inspiration for her work. Margarethe Vanderpas studied Fine Art at Western University and has an Honours Art History Degree from Queen’s University. She is also a Signature Member of the Artists For Conservation (AFC) as of 2013. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibits and her work can be found in private and corporate collections.

Tel: 519-433-2840
Tour Location: Brenda Radford Studio
29 Delamere Avenue Stratford
Home Studio: See my website for location.
Also Open: By Appointment

5. Brenda Radford

Brenda Radford is a Stratford Designer Goldsmith who specializes in custom jewelry and limited edition collections at Radford Studio. She collaborates with individuals to create meaningful, personalized jewelry so that her pieces truly belong to the wearer. Her passion for this work began in her first career as a fine art educator. She acquired the skill to merge timeless design with trend in a subsequent career in fashion. Her jewelry collections are driven by the principles of fine art and tempered by fashion appeal and wearability.

Tel: 519-271-6226
Location: 29 Delamere Avenue Stratford
Also Open: By Appointment. Please email, text or call 519-271-6226

6. Victoria Sanderson

A self-taught creator of unique jewelry and fused glass, Torrie Sanderson began fusing glass ten years ago. Now, in her studio at the Mornington Rose Bed and Breakfast she creates one-of-a-kind wall and window art, home and garden décor items, and jewelry. Her designs are evolving as she perfects new techniques in kiln-forming glass and flame-working. Torrie Sanderson began working with glass 12 years ago. Quickly becoming addicted to experimenting with glass fusion, she now creates one-of-a-kind wall and window art, garden ornaments, home décor items, serving pieces, and glass jewelry. Her creations are a combination of ancient fusing techniques, space-age technology, and artistic creativity. Recently, a flame-working station was added to her studio, alongside her two kilns, giving her the opportunity to work with freeform designs which are evolving as she perfects new techniques. A self-taught creator of unique hand-made jewelry and fused glass , Torrie can be found at the Mornington Rose Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Stratford, Ontario.

Tel: 519-275-2626
Location: 240 Mornington St. Stratford
Also Open: Most days 11 to 5 or by chance or appointment all year.  Closed  Mondays.

7. Danielle O’Connor

Danielle’s home studio is nestled in the quiet Avon Ward neighbourhood here in Stratford. Since graduating from Georgian College’s Jewellery and Metals program with a post graduate study in goldsmithing she has been inspired by the natural beauty of coloured gem stones, the ability to form, fabricate and texture metal and to create meaningful pieces of art that can be worn everyday. With over twenty years of experience each one of her pieces are Canadian hand made and more often one of a kind designs created for clients and Galleries across Canada, like the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Tel: 519-719-9315
Location: 46 Norman Street, Stratford
Also Open: By Appointment.

7. Susan Garrington

Susan’s paintings reveal the beauty found in our Canadian landscape, the edges of parking lots, along fence lines, in fields and in gardens, both her own and those of her friends. Susan’s paintings employ clear vibrant colours and a strong sense of design. Susan’s father worked outdoors and his observations of the natural world, shared during family dinners, taught her to see magic in the ordinary. Her mother kept a garden and Susan believes that her love of colour and design was born there. Susan loves to sketch on location and uses these sketches to inspire and inform her studio work.

Tel: 519-471-0171
Studio Tour Location:
Danielle O’Connor’s Studio
46 Norman St. Stratford
Home Studio: 14 Monmore Road, London
Also Open: By Appoinment.

7. Angela Lorenzen (Fall Tour Only)

Angela Lorenzen has been showing and selling her paintings as a professional artist since 1993 and has painted full-time since 2009. She is a self-taught artist with an academic and professional background in the biological sciences. The subjects of her high-realism acrylic paintings range from Canadian landscapes and animals to still life and architecture. Angela’s
paintings have been exhibited at a number of art shows and sold both privately and in commercial galleries.

Tel: 519-520-0530
Tour Location: Danielle O’Connor’s Studio, 46 Norman St. Stratford
Home Studio: St. Marys, ON
See my website for location.
Also Open: By Appointment

8. Mary Anne Dente

A pencil and paintbrush have always been part of Mary Anne Dente’s life. While enjoying a fulfilling teaching career, she honed her art skills at Sheridan College, Central Technical Art School, and Haliburton School for the Arts, learning from the best. Now a full time artist, Mary Anne has fulfilled her dream in establishing a home studio in Stratford where she can paint and teach.
An intuitive painter, Mary Anne presents dynamic landscapes that express her love and fascination with the power and rhythm of the natural world. Working in both acrylic and oils, she uses colour and texture to depict the vibrancy of nature and atmosphere of place.
Mary Anne Dente has exhibited in numerous group shows as well as commercial galleries and Interior Design shops. Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, California and New Zealand.

Tel: 416-710-1905
Location: 79 Bradshaw Dr. Stratford
Also Open: By Appointment.

9. Kim McCarthy

Visit Kim McCarthy at her Studio Loft in one of Stratford’s newest neighbourhoods. Discover how she uses the ancient medium of encaustic to create contemporary paintings. Collectors describe them as “magical wonderlands”. After 30+ years of experience as an artist and arts educator, Kim continues to passionately share her love for the visual arts. Check out how this “hot medium” is causing a lot of creative sizzle in Kim’s studio! Kim was one of three Canadian artists whose work was selected for publication in the book Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century, 2016. Kim’s works are in numerous private collections.

Tel: 647-456-7002
Location: Kim McCarthy’s Studio
590 Forman Ave. Stratford
Also Open: Studio Visits Welcome Year Round by Appointment. Please Call, Text or Email.

10. Marlene Kawalez

For the past several years I have been creating pieces that often explore themes of loss, longing and the peeling away of exterior layers to reveal internal complexities. In many ways it has been an introspective into my own losses and that of others that I have had the privilege to observe. It is an aspect of life that is not often addressed but one that is experienced by everyone at a point in their lives. My purpose is to expose, express, and gain insight into the raw emotion that is there but not always conveyed.

Tel: 519-855-9698
Studio Tour Location: Tea Leaves
433 Erie Street, Stratford
Home Studio: See my website for location.
Also Open: By Appointment

11. Brenda Morris-Colley

As a landscape and wildlife artist, it has always been a dream to explore wilderness areas and capture, on canvas, the pristine and unspoiled areas of the world. I want to increase awareness of natural environments that have to be preserved for wildlife habitat, historical significance and importance for indigenous peoples. Truly wild frontiers are scarce; urban areas are expanding and encroaching on our natural environments. I am very passionate about wildlife and habitat conservation. I support many conservation and animal rescue organizations through donations of art, such as Ducks Unlimited.

Tel: 519-923-0250
Studio Tour Location: Junction 56
Distillery – 45 Cambria St. Stratford
Also Open: Art Gallery of Lambeth
Tues-Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-4
2454 Main Street, London ON

11. Vivian Tserotas

Vivian Tserotas is an award winning textile and Fused Glass artist. She studied Visual Arts at both York University and Western University where she also obtained her teaching degree. Although her studies involved contemporary sculpture and installation and painting, she is primarily known as a textile artist. Her love of fabric, texture and colour found its way into her work and has evolved over time. Her work continues to evolve as she enjoys pushing the limits of her medium and combining various materials to create unique pieces of art. The challenge of the unknown and the process of problem solving is what intrigues Vivian to create and also why she never duplicates her work. Vivian’s artwork can be distinguished by her signature use of vibrant colours, and the illuminating energy flowing from her stitches into whimsical swirls. These same elements are also recognized in her fused glass creations. Vivian’s work is spontaneous and full of life allowing the viewer to experience her passion, enthusiasm and her laborious love for her art form.

Tel: 519-280-2644
Studio Tour Location: Junction 56
Distillery – 45 Cambria St. Stratford
Also Open: Personal Studio/Gallery
Tues-Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-4
Art Gallery of Lambeth
2454 Main Street, London ON

12. Paul Johnston

Aficionado of the midlife crisis – Paul Johnston has built a 900 squarefoot studio to house the eclectic array of components needed to create his found object assemblage sculpture, reclaimed wood furniture and art clocks. From this studio, affectionally known as “The Plant”, he surreptitiously operates his company Broken Circus. It is an engine of creative upcycling and adaptive reuse, attempting to make a mark on the future of both art and design. It’s a little crazy in there, but if you take the time to explore his mindset and the process, you’re sure to come out with a better appreciation of the link between our future and our past.

Tel: 519-301-0800
Location: 103 Frederick St. Stratford
Also Open: By appointment only. Please call or email in advance.

13. Denise Nonomura PAC (Spring Tour Only)

Denise Nonomura is an award winning pastel artist living in Stratford. Although she graduated from college in the healthcare field, in 2013 she decided to explore the arts by enrolling at Sheridan College of Arts and Design, where she graduated with high honours in 2015 from the Fine Arts Certificate Program. In January 2016, Denise retired from healthcare and now pursues her passion for pastel painting full time. Denise’s work has been exhibited in juried international competitions, group and solo shows, and she exhibits at Stratford’s Art in the Park, a juried seasonal exhibit in Canada’s “Premier Art’s Town”. Denise is a member of Pastel Artists of Canada, FCA and SCA.

Tel: 519-305-5326
Studio Tour Location: 154 Freeland Drive, Stratford
Also Open: By appointment only.

14. Mary Karavos (Fall Tour Only)

Mary Karavos is an award-winning artist. Her art was greatly influenced by the beautiful mosaics while studying in Florence, Italy. Mary “paints with paper.” Piece by piece, paper on paper through process and exploration the images evolve into a unique interplay of textural and colourful originals. Mary actively exhibits and sells her work in select galleries and juried exhibitions locally and internationally. Select Awards include: 2015/16 Best in Fibre/Paper – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2014 Prix du Jury – SNBA (Societe Nationale des Beau-Arts) International Exhibition, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, 2014 Bronze Medal – Arts-Science- Letters Academy of Paris, France.

Studio Tour Location: 30 York St. Stratford
Also Open: Home studio is open by appointment only.

15. Silvana Bruni (Fall Tour Only)

Silvana Bruni received her BFA Hons Degree from York University in 1999, and has been developing her visual art practice ever since. This journey to date includes several solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, private commissions, art awards and publications. Her original artworks are held in numerous private collections. Worn, marked drumheads (she drummed in an indie rock band for many years) and plexiglass are Silvana’s trademark canvases–the unique surfaces where her visual, autobiographical narratives emerge. Informed and inspired by her own life, including the philosophy and practice of Zen Buddhism and yoga, Silvana’s mixed media artwork serves as the foundation for daily observations, quandaries, insights and revelations. Alongside her personal art practice she lovingly teaches both art and yoga.

Tel: 519-949-3506
Location: 2 Arden Park, Stratford
Also Open: By appointment only.