Studio 1
Holly Atkinson

My work is creative, contemporary and unique. My experiences of people and places are the catalyst that allows me to create, sculpt and experiment in a variety of mediums: metal, mixed media, paper and gypsums. My diverse background in graphic and mural arts as well as working in bronze for many years, has given me the ability to merge drawing, design and sculpture.

I like to experiment with each medium and push past its limits. Mixed media and the art wall sculptures give me the opportunity to sculpt, carve, add, take away and finally explore in colour.

The intent of my sculpture is to take the viewer with me on my journey.

Tel: 905-301-5217
Studio Tour Location: Milky Whey
118 Ontario St. Stratford
Home Studio: Is located in Guelph and is OPEN by appointment.

Studio 2
Lucinda Jones

Using oil-based ink and applying blends of colour with a brayer, Lucinda employs the precise printmaking medium to heighten the element of play through shapes, colour and movement. As the inked plates are printed onto paper, her images speak to an inner landscape of light, exploring the themes of transformation, growth and renewal, creating Woodblock Prints, Collagraphs and Monoprints.

Lucinda studied painting at the University of Western Ontario in London and printmaking at Concordia University in Montreal. She has had solo exhibitions at the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery and the Cambridge Art Gallery among others. Her prints can be found in corporate and private collections worldwide.

Tel: 519-272-9954
Studio Tour Location:
61 Albert St. Stratford (Bridgeforce Financial)
Studio: My Custom Framer
42 Albert St. Stratford
Open: By appointment only.

Studio 3
Brenda Radford

Brenda Radford is an award-winning jewelry designer with a private studio in Stratford. It is her philosophy to create harmonious design that is meaningful for her clients. She collaborates with individuals to create jewelry that truly belongs to the wearer. Her custom pieces tell interesting stories about the people who commission and wear her jewels. As a former model and fine arts educator, then fashion designer, Brenda’s aesthetic is a fusion of both classic and contemporary styles. Combining traditional goldsmithing with computer technology, Brenda integrates the human element with machine precision. Her jewelry collections are timeless, assured, bold and wearable.

Tel: 519-271-6226
Location: 29 Delamere Ave. Stratford
Home Studio: Open by appointment.
Please email, text or call 519-271-6226

Margarethe Vanderpas

“I draw my inspiration from many sources; the waters and limestone cliffs of the Bruce Peninsula and the shores of Lake Superior and Georgian Bay. I am fascinated by the powerful forces that have shaped the landscape and the effects that time and weather have had upon the earth’s surface.” Margarethe studied Fine Art at Western University and has a BA Honours Art History Degree from Queen’s University as well as a BEd. She is a Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation (AFC) as of 2013. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibits and her work can be found in private and corporate collections.

Tel: 519-433-2840
Studio Tour Location:
Brenda Radford Studio
29 Delamere Avenue Stratford
Home Studio: 24 Chetwynd Lane, Lion’s Head. ON.
Home studio OPEN by appointment. Please call in advance.

Studio 4
Victoria Sanderson

“There is something exciting, but mysterious about working with warm glass. I always anticipate how the stacked layers might merge and change in a firing, and yet, somehow they always turn out differently than I expect. I love the discovery of opening my kiln to see how the layers of glass blend and recreate themselves into pieces of art, each one individual and unique.” 

Torrie Sanderson began working with glass over ten years ago and still happily plays with colour, light, glass, heat and fire.  Her work combines ancient glass fusing techniques, modern technology and the magic of artistic creativity. Her affinity for symmetry, texture, geometric shapes, bright colors, simplicity and rhythmic patterns is readily apparent in the pieces that she creates. Her designs are evolving as she perfects new techniques.    

Tel: 519-275-2626
Location: 240 Mornington St. Stratford
Home Studio: OPEN most days 11am – 5pm or by chance or appointment all year.  Closed  Mondays.

Studio 5
Danielle O’Connor

Danielle’s home studio is nestled in the quiet Avon Ward neighbourhood of Stratford.  Since graduating from Georgian College’s Jewellery and Metals program with a post-graduate study in goldsmithing, Danielle has created one-of-a-kind jewellery designs for over twenty years. She is inspired by the natural beauty of coloured gem stones, and the ability to form, fabricate and texture metal in order to create meaningful pieces of art that can be worn every day.  Each one of her Canadian hand-made originals are created for clients and galleries across Canada, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Burlington Art Gallery and The Hamilton Art Gallery.

Tel: 519-719-9315
Location: 46 Norman Street, Stratford
Home Studio: OPEN by Appointment only.

Angela Lorenzen

Angela Lorenzen has been showing and selling her paintings as a professional artist since 1993 and has painted full-time since 2009.  She is a self-taught artist with an academic and professional background in the biological sciences.  Although she paints a wide variety of subjects, horses and other animals have been the focus of her recent high-realism acrylic paintings.  Angela’s paintings have been exhibited at a number of art shows and sold both privately and in commercial galleries. 

Tel: 519-520-0530
Tour Location: Danielle O’Connor’s Studio, 46 Norman St. Stratford
Home Studio: located in Hanover, ON
OPEN: By Appointment only.

Sandra & Gavin Silberman
Dotti Potts

Dotti Potts is the collaboration of Sandra & Gavin Silberman. They make tableware and home decor items as well as an extensive line of fashion jewellery. Dotti Potts, made of porcelain clay, are both functional, decorative and of good quality. Porcelain clay is used for its chip resistant nature.  The Silberman’s philosophy is to own beautiful things that can be seen and used daily. The Dotti Potts experience is a very tactile one, as Sandra loves to carve and create texture on her work in a variety of ways. The Dotti Potts Studio and Gallery is located in the south end of Barrie.

Tel: 705-812-3306
Studio Tour Location:
Danielle O’Connor Studio
46 Norman Street, Stratford
Also Open:
Dotti Potts Pottery Studio & Gallery
324 Saunders Road, Unit #4, Barrie,ON

Studio 6
Kim McCarthy

Explore how Kim’s signature style of rhythmic, meandering patterns established in her mixed media & encaustic paintings has expanded. This published, professional artist and arts educator continues to evolve. She is very excited to present new paintings and launch a new line of textiles, Heart Space Gifts that feature her intricate flowing designs. Created to adorn yourself and your spaces with love, this line includes tapestries, pillows, scarves, shawls and more. Kim’s work has been described as tranquil, meditative, soothing and rich. Visit Kim’s studio loft and see what speaks to your senses and touches your heart.

Tel: 647-456-7002
Location: 590 Forman Ave. Stratford
Home Studio: OPEN Year Round by Appointment. Please Call, Text or Email.

Studio 7
Mary Anne Dente

Mary Anne Dente presents dynamic landscapes that express her appreciation and fascination with the power and rhythm of the natural world. Working in both acrylic and oils, she uses colour and texture to depict the vibrancy of nature and atmosphere of place. Formerly from the GTA, Mary Anne now resides in Stratford and paints both in her home studio as well as “en plein air”.

Mary Anne has exhibited in numerous group and juried shows as well as commercial galleries and Interior Design shops. Recently she exhibited with Agora Gallery in Stratford. Her work can be found in private collections in Ontario, California and New Zealand

Tel: 416-710-1905
Location: 79 Bradshaw Dr. Stratford
Home Studio: OPEN by appointment only. Please call or email.

Linda VanWyck

I am a mixed media artist. Mixed media collage intrigues me as it involves experimentation, play and design. My creative process begins with painting various papers and textiles with no end result in mind except interesting lines, patterns and color combinations.When I create the final pieces with both paper and textiles, I explore how patterns and colors relate to one another and how each piece is organized, keeping in mind what I want to convey.

I have exhibited in several juried exhibits as well as group shows within the GTA. In 2019 I exhibited The Garden Series in a solo show at the Teresa Seaton Gallery in Burlington. The Garden Series, is about color, pattern and appreciating the abundance of plants and flowers around us in every season.

Tel: 289-795-1097
Studio Tour Location:
Mary Anne Dente Studio
79 Bradshaw Dr. Stratford
Home Studio: Located in Burlington and OPEN by appointment only.

Studio 8
Denise Nonomura

Denise Nonomura is an award-winning pastel artist who pursues her passion for pastel painting full time. She captures light and colour in her landscapes, waterscapes, still life and floral subjects. When she is not painting in her studio or “en plein air”, Denise can be found teaching, or volunteering her time leading an art group for patients at Stratford General Hospital.

In the past 4 years, Denise’s work has been exhibited in 25 juried international and regional competitions. She holds designations with Pastel Artists of Canada, FCA and SCA. She exhibits at Stratford’s Art in the Park and her work is represented at Village Studios, Stratford.

Tel: 519-305-5326
Location: 154 Freeland Drive, Stratford
Home Studio: OPEN by appointment, please call or email.

Jennifer Nicholson

Despite pursuing a BSc in Food Science from the University of Guelph, I have always nurtured my creative side by drawing and painting.  Thus, after taking a Silversmithing class through Conestoga College back in 2004, I was hooked!  I have taken my drawing skills and created intricate pendants, earrings and bracelets by hand-cutting sheets of sterling silver, copper and titanium with a jewellers’ saw.   I ‘paint’ with fire, using my torch to skillfully heat-treat the titanium and copper resulting in stunning colours.  Nature is my favourite inspiration.  I sell my work at juried art shows across Ontario, as well as through my website.

Tel: 519-595-4060
Studio Tour Location:
Denise Nonomura Studio
154 Freeland Drive, Stratford
Home Studio: Just Perfect Designs
4060 Princess Street, Millbank, ON
Open: Studio visits by appointment.

Studio 9
Vivian Tserotas

Vivian Tserotas is an artist known for her award-winning contemporary textiles and mixed media works. She is an accomplished, artist, teacher, and gallery owner, running her own studio gallery in London for over 9 years. Vivian draws inspiration from the world around her and creates brilliant, jewel-toned, whimsical works of colour, movement and texture.  Her work is always evolving as she pushes the limits of her medium and enjoys combining various materials to create truly one-of -a-kind art pieces.

Tel: 519-280-2644
Studio Tour Location: Junction 56
Distillery – 45 Cambria St. Stratford
Also OPEN: Personal Studio/Gallery
Art Gallery of Lambeth
2454 Main Street, London ON
Tues. – Fri. 11am – 5pm, Sat. 11am – 4pm

Studio 10
Nancy Farrell

Nancy Farrell is an award-winning artist who has always been intrigued with the endless potential of abstract and non-objective painting. She distills past memories of landscape, incorporating them intuitively into her highly imaginative paintings. 

After completing an Honours BA in Fine Art from the University of Guelph, Nancy continued her art studies through workshops in Canada and the United States, studying with Peter Kolsnyk and John Leonard in Canada, and Steve Aimone and Nicholas Wilton in the US.  Working in sculpture, painting and mixed media, she has participated in the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition as well as over 100 solo, group and juried exhibitions.

Tel: 519-823-0836
Studio Tour Location:
Jobsite Brewery
45 Cambria St. Stratford
Home Studio: Is located in Guelph and is OPEN by appointment.

Lorraine Roy

        Born and raised in rural Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Lorraine developed an early appreciation for the land and its natural beauty. Her introduction to the fabric arts at her mother’s knee began a lifelong passion for textile art. Her B.Sc. in Horticulture and subsequent research on the biology, cultural relevance and mythology of trees are the sources and inspiration for her current imagery. Using raw edge fabric appliqué and machine embroidery, she builds images that bridge science and spirituality with the versatility of fabrics and threads. Lorraine lives in the beautiful Niagara Escarpment Region near Dundas, Ontario.

Tel: 905-869-3156
Studio Tour Location:
Jobsite Brewery
45 Cambria St. Stratford
Home Studio: Is located in Dundas and is OPEN by appointment. Please call, text or email.

Studio 11
Sarah Van Norman
FreightHouse Pottery

Sarah’s FreightHouse Pottery turns five this year, and has grown to become a busy, small-batch production space. Working with mid-fire clay, her work focuses on functional pots for use at home. On the map of life, the intersection of self, humanity, and creativity has emerged as the grand theme of Sarah’s life; clay lets her play in the traffic of this intersection.

Her drive is to inhabit the space between art and craft: to engage her heart, soul, and mind in producing functional, slow-process pots that have aesthetic place in any home where an appreciation of handmade goods is sown.

Tel: 226-929-6460
Location: The Train Station
101 Shakespeare St. Stratford
Studio: Open by chance or appointment.

Studio 12
Silvana Bruni

Silvana Bruni received her BFA Honours Degree in 1999, and has been nurturing her visual art practice ever since. This journey to date includes several solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, private commissions, art awards and publications. Her original artworks are held in numerous private collections in Canada, the US and abroad.

​Lexan glass and marked-up, used drumheads are Bruni’s trademark canvases–the unique surfaces where her soulful, visual narratives emerge. In a combination of painting, drawing, printmaking and collage, she captures meaningful observations, quandaries, insights and revelations–inviting the viewer to connect with what is reflected, or resonated, in front of them.

Tel: 519-949-3506
Location: 2 Arden Park, Stratford
Home Studio: Open by appointment.

Studio 13
Martin McNenly

Stratford has a rich tradition and history of furniture building and Fallout Custom Furniture is glad to be a part of its present and future.  Martin McNenly is the sole proprietor, furniture designer and builder at Fallout Custom Furniture.  Using mostly hardwood and metal, Martin’s creations focus on the modern, industrial and mid-century aesthetics and, are built to last.  An additional focus is placed on live edge furniture using materials that are locally felled and milled, as well as repurposing materials from the past.  We are always excited about collaborating with clients that are looking for that special piece, custom made for your home or work and within your budget.

Tel: 416-427-3615
Location: Factory 163
163 King St. Stratford
Studio: Open by appointment only. Please call or email in advance.