Stratford Studio Tour PASSPORT 2018

We are pleased to announce that there will be many exciting prizes available to win for those who attend the Stratford Studio Tour.

In the weeks to come we will be posting a list of prizes on this page. They will include artwork donated by many of our participating artists as well as tickets to the Stratford Festival Theatre and much more!

Visitors to the tour can pick up their passport at the first studio they visit and submit it at the last studio they visit.

2018 Passport

Stratford StudioTour Passport 2018

Spring Tour 2018 Winners

1. Pallet Clock by Paul Johnston – Margaret Bakelaar
2. Art Cards by Denise Nonomura – Cherie Rahkola
3. Balzac’s Gift Card – Susan Schulthies
4. Earrings by Danielle O’Connor – Bev Varley
5. “Window Dressing” by Mary Anne Dente – Margery Fulton
6. Keystone Alley Gift Card – Jim Ng
7. “Musings” by Nancy Farrell – Jane Dougan
8. “Rocky Shoreline” by Susan Garrington – Laurel Snyder
9. “Pink Swan” by Brenda Morris-Colley – Jerry Buliung
10. Glass Garden Ornament by Torrie Sanderson – Suzanne Strahan
11. Junction 56 Distillery Tour for Two – Michael Barlow
12. “Morning Glory” by Tanya Szustaczek – Eliza Sexton
13. The Music Man Stratfest Tickets (2) – Erin Schulthies
14. Chocolate Barrs Gift Basket – Cambria Ravenhill
15. “Autumn Shoreline Fraser Bay” by Margarethe Vanderpas – Frank Baasner
16. “Migration” by Kim McCarthy – Ken Chang-Kue

List of All Prizes in 2018!

1. Torrie Sanderson: Glass Bird Garden Ornament $25 (Spring and Fall Studio Tour Prize)
2. Tanya Szustaczek: “Morning Glory” 11×17 Archival, Limited Edition Print $200 (Spring and Fall Studio Tour Prize
Set of 5 “Stratford” Greeting Cards – $35 value (Fall Studio Tour Prize)
Greeting Cards
3. Stratford Tourism Alliance: Stratford Festival – 2 tickets to Music Man (Fall Studio Tour Prize)
4. Stratford Tourism Alliance: 2 Tickets for the Chocolate Trail $60 (Spring and Fall Studio Tour Prize)
5. Paul Johnston: Pallet Clock $65 (Fall Studio Tour Prize)
6. Nancy Farrell: “Musings” 16×20 Abstract Acrylic Painting $175 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
7. Margarethe Vanderpas: “Autumn Shoreline Fraser Bay 7×14 Archival Limited Edition Print on paper $250 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
8. Mary Anne Dente:
“Window Dressings” 8×8 Acrylic Painting $150 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
Fall Tour Prize: set of 5 Art Cards – $30 value
9. Lucinda Jones: “River Tree Series I” 5 1/2 x10 Woodblock Print $125 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
10. Kim McCarthy: Set of 5 Art Cards $25 (Spring and Fall Studio Tour Prize)
Cards for Fall Studio Tour Prize
11. Kim McCarthy: “Migration” 14×14 Archival, Limited Edition Giclee Print with Certificate of Authenticity $80 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
12. Junction 56 Distillery: Distillery Tour for 4 $60 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
Distillery Tour for 2 – $30 value (Fall Studio Tour Prize)
Fall Studio Tour Prize
13. Fanfare Books: Gift Certificate $25 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
14. Danielle O’Connor: Sterling Silver Earrings $95 (Spring and Fall Studio Tour Prize) image below is of the Spring Prize.
15. Denise Nonomura: Set of 10 Art Cards $50 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)
16. Brenda Radford: Stratford Streetscape Necklace $50 (Spring and Fall Studio Tour Prize)
17. Brenda Morris-Colley: “Pink Swan” 12×12 Canvas Framed Acrylic Painting  $250.00 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)

18. Gift Basket from Chocolate Barrs $ 52.99 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)


19. Rocky Shoreline, Limited Edition, Susan Garrington, Size: 11″ x 15″, $90.00 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)

Rocky Shoreline Susan Garrington

20. Shoreline Fraser Bay #2, Archival Limited Edition on Paper. Margarethe Vanderpas, 7″ x 14″, $ 250.00
(Fall Studio Tour Prize)

Shoreline Fraser Bay 2 Margarethe Vanderpas

21. Keystone Alley Gift Card $ 50.00 (Spring Studio Tour Prize)

22. Mary Karavos – 4”x4” Framed Imported Papers (Fall Studio Tour Prize)

23. Balzac’s Coffee Roasters – gift card (Fall Studio Tour Prize)